About Us

    Reporters. — is a part of The Ukrainians Media ecosystem, which focuses on literary reportage. For the past four years, we have been writing reportages on the pages of The Ukrainians online magazine. Now, having strengthened the team, we display these stories in separate media.

    We believe it is important not only to consume breaking news but also to look deeper — trying to see and understand how the changes affect the fates of particular communities and individuals. To hear their voices and understand them better. But what is more important — make these stories seen, heard, and understood throughout the world. Our stories fascinate and inspire, impress, and provoke discussions. We strive for Reporters. to become a platform around which both authors and readers would gather: those who know how to tell stories — journalists, photographers, storytellers — and those who want to read them.

    By prioritizing quality over quantity of the content we create large and visually aesthetic stories to make the Ukrainian voices sound louder, the characters seen distinctly. Our stories are recognized at local and international levels including 30 Under 30 by INMA, True Story Award, New Europe 100, and The Gongadze Prize by PEN Ukraine.

    Since 2014 we have been telling our stories in Ukrainian, but now it’s time to change that, making the voice of Ukraine heard even more across the world. It is important that people hear about Ukraine from Ukraine, by means of our on-the-ground journalism.

    Our Team

    — Marichka Paplauskaite — Chief Editor, Co-Founder 
    — Danylo Pavlov — Photoeditor
    — Vera Kuriko — Reporter
    — Oksana Rasulova — Reporter
    — Olesya Yaremchuk — Reporter
    — Anastasiia Levkova — Literary Editor
    — Iryna Klymko — Copy Editor
    — Julia Hemberg — Announcer
    — Inna Bereznitska — Co-Founder
    — Taras Prokopyshyn — Publisher

    Strategic partners

    Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kyiv
    «Media Development Fund» of the US Embassy

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